Glendale Ward Worship Service Starts  10am
Second Hour Classes Now Start at 11:30am

Note - Sacrament Meeting will pause (display will go black and volume muted) during the passing of the sacrament and then resume.

In the event of technical difficulties on our end, you may need to use the link for the following Sunday. If current link is not working try connecting to the next week's link.

Sacrament - June 9

Sacrament - June 16

Sacrament - June 23

Sacrament - June 30

Sacrament - July 7

passing of the sacrament and then resume. 

Kane County Covid-19 vaccination starting with 70 years and older. 

sign-up by calling (435)644-4994 Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm

>> Second Hour Church Meetings Over the Internet <<

Second Hour Church Meetings Broadcast over the Internet 

Beginning September 20th, 2020 second hour meetings will be held via Zoom (and phone conference, if Zoom is unavailable) for youth and adults every week starting at 11:30am and lasting an hour or less. Primary will not have meetings. 

Combined Fifth Sunday 

First and Third Sundays: 

>> Presidency, Council Meetings & Baptism Zoom Links <<

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Baptism over Broadcast:

A note on the meeting links below. The Aaronic Priesthood presidency meetings can not be held at the same time between each quorum. This goes for the Young Women's presidency meetings as well. Each class or quorum will need to use their meeting link at a separate time (but it does not apply if for instance the deacons quorum meets at the same time as the 12-13 year YW. Only if the deacons meet at the same time as the teachers, etc.).

Aaronic Priesthood Presidency Meetings:

Young Women Class Presidency Meetings

Missionary Committee Zoom Meeting:

Temple & Family History Committee Zoom Meeting:

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